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Bill Stafford

Broadcast Engineering & Construction Management
  • Former: Head of Technology, Facility & Studio Operations, NASCAR Productions
  • 3x Emmy Award Winner, Nominated 20+ Times
  • Broadcast Industry Veteran
  • Coordinated hundreds of Major League Broadcast events, including NFL, MLB, NHL, DAYTONA 500, AFT, X Games, Major League Sports’ All-Star Games, Olympic Qualifiers, Large Scale Corporate Events and Award Shows
  • Technology Construction Project Executive for NASCAR and Commercial Real Estate

Bill Stafford, Head of Broadcast Engineering & Construction Management at FusionTECH, is an award-winning executive operations leader specializing in strategic business development and innovative technology to influence profitability.

He is well known in the industry for his innovative approach to broadcast facility capital projects, LED video project initiatives, and studio operations. Throughout his 15+ year tenure at NASCAR, he leveraged his expertise to guide NASCAR Productions to deliver world class content, winning three Emmy awards. His experience spans a global footprint with diversified experience in various sports, venues & facilities, multifaceted broadcast networks, and different leagues.

Stafford led several technology construction projects at NASCAR Productions including the build-out of the main Charlotte Production Facilities and annual NASCAR Mobile Technology Platform refreshes. Additionally, he was a main contributor for several wired & wireless networking, DAS, and fiber optic cable plant projects at sports facilities across North America. As a thought leader, he helped develop and mature the NASCAR trackside communications programs to provide connectivity to deliver and manage the wireless in-car camera and telemetry systems, race control and operations capabilities, and the advanced vehicle inspection platform program.

Consistently spearheading several multi-million-dollar design and operational projects to accelerate growth and profitability, Stafford focuses on the global impact of his client’s initiatives.

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